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Tru Form Chiropractic was previously known as Galant Chiropractic. When Dr. Theresa Galant retired at the end of September 2016, Dr. Lexi Ramsey took over the practice. She is the current owner and chiropractor.

Dr. Lexi Ramsey wants everyone from all walks of life to enjoy a better quality of life through chiropractic care. Chiropractic care can benefit literally anyone - no matter what your concerns or health history happens to be. Professional athletes, expectant mothers, working parents, young and old, all deserve to live life feeling happy and healthy.

Chiropractic is about restoring communication. Your brain is responsible for controlling all of the other parts of your body. Signals travel from the brain, down the spinal cord, and across the nerves to all the organs, tissues, glands, and cells. Unfortunately, when a vertebra shifts from it's normal position, pressure is put on the nerves carrying these signals. Now, the nerve fiber is unable to carry the brain's important message. This causes dysfunction within the body, which often manifests as disease or pain.

By moving the vertebrae back into their correct position, chiropractors encourage the brain and body to freely communicate with one another again. This is how a chiropractic adjustment restores proper function to the body and promotes great health! It's essential to maintain open communication channels throughout your body so you can better adapt to stress from daily life. More information is available under the Resources tab.

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