New Patient Forms

In order to make things as convenient as possible, we've added our new patient paperwork to our website! We encourage you to print these documents prior to your first visit. Please click on the links below to view and print your new patient paperwork.

What to Expect - Your Initial Visit

Your first visit to the office should last about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on your medical history and complaints. The initial visit includes a consultation, exam, and adjustment. After filling out the new patient forms, Dr. Ramsey will have a one-on-one private consultation with the patient to discuss their medical history, concerns, and health complaints. The consultation is also when the chiropractor will explain a brief background of chiropractic and what to expect in this specific office. During the exam, the patient will be asked to perform simple tests/tasks like range of motion exercises, etc. The exam also includes palpation of the spine and surrounding musculature. Palpation involves the chiropractic examiner placing their hands on the patient and applying minimal pressure in order to feel the underlying structures. Following palpation, the patient will be adjusted in the areas deemed necessary. An adjustment involves a gentle, specific force being applied either by hand or with an instrument to the vertebrae that are misaligned. During an adjustment, you may hear a crack or pop noise. However, you DO NOT need to hear this noise is order to have received an effective adjustment.

If Dr. Ramsey needs additional information or would like medical images (x-rays,etc), it is possible that no adjustment will be administered on the first visit. The patient will then be referred to the proper professional.

What to Expect - Your Follow-Up Visit

The second visit to Tru Form Chiropractic will last approximately 25-35 minutes. Dr. Ramsey will explain what was found during the exam and discuss the recommendations she has for the patient's individualized care moving forward. This is also a great opportunity to ask additional questions and have an open conversation with your chiropractor. Dr. Ramsey wants every patient to feel comfortable and understand how their specific concerns will be addressed. She will provide a detailed report for every patient (that they may take with them) to help further explain any pertinent findings from their first visit, highlight the specific areas that were adjusted, and remind patients of their personalized care plan.

What to Expect - A Typical Visit

A standard office visit usually lasts anywhere from 15-25 minutes depending on the patient’s complaint and any new, relevant medical information. The chiropractic examiner will palpate the patient’s spinal bones and musculature in order to feel the underlying structures. Based on the information found during palpation and the information provided by the patient, a specific adjustment will be administered to the misaligned vertebrae. The adjustment may be given by hand or with an instrument. If any additional medical advice or images are necessary, a referral will be made in the best interest of the patient.

It is important to have open communication between the patient and the doctor. If the patient feels unsure about a procedure/adjustment or is experiencing new and different symptomology either pre or post adjustment, this should be shared with the chiropractor. Often times, there are numerous styles of adjusting and the doctor needs to find the ones that best suit the individual patient. Don’t be afraid to communicate and share your thoughts and feelings with your chiropractor! After all, we both have the same goal in mind; to better your health and help you live a quality life!

NO APPOINTMENT is needed! Just walk into Tru Form Chiropractic during our normal office hours. However, since the first two visits require more time, it is best to call ahead and schedule these appointments.

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